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Firefly Vaporizer

The World's 1st Premium Convection Vaporizer!
The Firefly is the only loose-leaf vaporizer that heats up instantly! The sophisticated electronics ensure reliable digital temperature control to heat your favorite tobacco to vaporization without burning it. The Firefly delivers smooth, consistent vapor with no unwanted tastes or smells. Enjoy pure vapor and nothing else!
Easy to use! Just press and hold the button and the Firefly responds instantly. As the heat increases, the vapor becomes richer, up to a digitally-controlled maximum of 400 degrees F.
The magnetic lid makes loading and cleaning a breeze. The sleek aluminum chassis fits perfectly in your hand and feels like a warm river stone.
A borosilicate glass heating chamber creates a truly magical feeling. It also gives the Firefly its name.
A high-powered lithium-ion battery charges in under 45 minutes. An extra battery can also be charged outside the Firefly and swapped in seconds.

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