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Nat Sherman

Nat Sherman has represented the finest in quality, 100% additive-free Premium cigarettes since 1930.
Still family owned and operated, Nat Sherman continues their history of excellence, producing superior quality tobacco products that are sold and respected world-wide.

MCD: Nat Sherman's signature cigarette. With a famously sweet and mellow flavor, this was the first filtered cigarette developed by Nat Sherman and is still the most popular. 101mm Queen Size cigarette wrapped in brown maduro paper with a brown colored filter tip.
A rich full-bodied cigarette that is truly a classic American style blend.
Hint (Menthol): With the subtlety of a mere essence, Nat Sherman's Hint is nothing at all like other menthol, or artificially flavored cigarettes that conceal inferior tobacco. This cigarette is meticulously crafted with a traditional blend of the finest tobaccos, and through an ingenious cavity in the filter, 100% natural menthol flavor is disseminated as the smoke passes through. A 101mm Queen Size cigarette wrapped in brown paper with a brown colored filter tip.
Fantasia: These cigarettes bring both elegance and fashion to smoking that one could only expect from Nat Sherman. A charcoal filter delivers lightness and the finest blending of all natural tobacco, creating a truly unique smooth smoking experience. This 101mm Queen Size cigarette features a gold filter tip and an array of five glamorous colors inside each pack.
Naturals King Originals: A Classic American Blend of only the finest additive-free natural tobacco in a more conventional size and pack, Naturals King Size offers a full bodied flavor with its unique blend of burley and oriental tobaccos. Available in a flip top box, this 85mm King Size cigarette is wrapped in white paper with a cork filter tip.
Naturals King Yellow: The same top grade tobacco, paper and filtration system as the full-bodied originals epitomize this 85mm King Size filter tipped cigarette but with a more balanced taste and rounder, smooth finish. Available in a conventional flip top box.
Naturals King Blue: A unique new blend of natural tobaccos creates the more mellow, smooth and satisfying flavor of Naturals King Blue. Available in a conventional flip top box, this 85mm King Size cigarette is wrapped in white paper with a white filter tip.
Naturals King Menthol: Featuring only the finest American blend of additive free natural tobacco and introducing the use of all natural menthol, Naturals King Size Menthol feature an uncompromised smoking experience. This 85mm King Size Cigarette is constructed with white paper, a cork filter, and available in a flip top box.
Black & Gold: "You don't really need a tux and martini for the full effect of this extraordinary smoking experience, but it wouldn't hurt either."-Nat Sherman
This mild, mellow & unique 101mm Queen size cigarette features a black wrapper and a gold colored filter tip. Many smokers consider Black & Gold to be the world's most elegant cigarette.
Cigarettellos: An All-American Original! This unfiltered smoke has been one of Nat Sherman's most signature styles since it's creation. The smooth & 'nutty' flavor of the unadulterated natural tobacco is enhanced by the maduro paper. 101mm Queen Size cigarette with a brown wrapper and unfiltered. Sure to be a favorite!
Havana Ovals: The first cigarette created by the Nat Sherman Company! Originally crafted from pure Havana tobacco, this 101mm Queen size unfiltered distinctive oval shaped cigarette is truly unique among cigarettes!. Wrapped in a brown Maduro paper, the cigarette has a robust flavor and a bold, slightly tangy taste.
MCD Gold: Specially designed for the smoker looking for the same clean, rich taste as the original MCDs but with an exceptionally smooth and mellow finish. This 101mm Queen Size cigarette consists of only 100% pure tobacco with a brown wrapper and brown colored filter.
MCD Silver: The most mellow of the MCDs, the same exceptional taste and quality of the original MCD but the most mellow of them all. This 101mm cigarette, like all Nat Sherman cigarettes features only 100% pure tobacco with a brown wrapper and brown colored filter.
MCD Menthol: The first filtered brown cigarette from Nat Sherman in Menthol! Same original, unique MCD taste, same premium quality! Crafted using a unique blend of nine different tobaccos, MCD Menthol cigarettes offer a satisfying balance of consistency and rund flavor with the subtle taste of menthol. 101mm with a brown wrapper and brown colored filter.
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