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Lane Limited

Originally founded in Dresden, Germany in 1890, Herman G. Lane, one of the founder's grandsons, emigrated to the United States in 1938. Then, as today, the company specialized in the highest quality pipe and roll-your-own cigarette tobaccos. Re-established in Manhattan, Lane Ltd. pipe tobaccos were manufactured in New York City until 1983. The production facilities were then moved to Tucker, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. In March of 2011, Lane Ltd. was purchased by Scandinavian Tobacco Group, the world's largest manufacturer of cigars and pipe tobacco, Officially renamed Scandinavian Tobacco Group Lane Ltd., this company's portfolio now includes Captain Black, Sir Walter Raleigh, Borkum Riff, Peter Stokkebye, Half &Half, Orlik, Escudo, and 15 more of the world's most iconic pipe tobacco brands.

1-Q: A Golden Cavendish blend with a hint of fire-cured tobaccos. Hints of vanilla, aromatic.
Cohiba: A gently aromatic blend of Burley and Virginia makes up this Cohiba Pipe Tobacco. This remarkably mellow blend stays lit easily and delivers an aroma that everyone loves.
Crown Achievement: Reviving a long lost recipe, Lane Limited went to extraordinary lengths to create a blend true to the original. The result is a blend that is faithful to its roots, down to the leather-like label. The tobacco is fragrant, utilizing very rare Orientals to support and enliven the Latakia, and choice Virginias are used to give it balance. Finally, some premium Perique is added for depth, spice and a bit of sweetness.
HGL: A mixture of toasted Cavendish laced with Mountain Latakia, blended with White Burley and Golden Virginia to produce a sweet, fuller-bodied smoke, yet cool and slow burning. The personal blend of Herman G. Lane.
La Gloria Cubana: La Gloria Cubana Pipe Tobacco is a very exquisite and complex English blend. The Latakia that dominates this blend is joined by Orientals and Perique to convey a smoke that will take your palate through a whirlwind of inputs.
Macanudo: Macanudo Pipe Tobacco delivers, much like its cigar counterpart, a pleasant and mellow smoke. Carefully selected premium Virginias and Cavendishes creates the tobacco base while a subtle hint of Vanilla rounds off this blend to provide a sweet aroma and a great smoking experience.
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