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In 1907, Alfred Dunhill opened his tobacco shop. Originally, all pipe tobacco was blended right there in the shop custom made for every patron. Eventually based on those custom blends, Dunhill began marketing his pipe tobaccos to pipe smokers worldwide.
More than a century later, Dunhill now is one of the most recognized, most popular pipe tobaccos in the world. Dunhill Tobacco of London Limited is still based in London and owned by British American Tobacco.

De Luxe Navy Rolls: De Luxe Navy Roll is made in Denmark using hand-stripped Virginia tobaccos from Brazil and Africa, married with Perique from Louisiana. This recipe produces an aromatic smoke with natural tobacco flavors and lovely sweet notes.
Early Morning: Sweet Oriental and a bit of Latakia carefully blended with Bright and Red Virginias, pressed and lightly stoved. Great as the 'first pipe' will leave you aroused and eager for the day. First appeared in 1951.
Flake: This 'processed' Virginia is a cut flake of medium strength, very cool, and has a pleasant, slightly sweet flavour and aroma. Selected grades of Lemon and Bronze Virginias. One of Dunhill's most expert blends of highest quality. First appeared in 1959.
London Mixture: Medium cut matured Virginian and oriental tobaccos. Soft and mellow flavour.
Skillfully blended Latakia with Virginia and Turkish. First appeared in 1928.
Available in 1.76oz/50g tins.
My Mixture 965: A balanced smoking tobacco with a rich flavour.
Nightcap: A rich blend of Virginias and Latakia for late in the day. A slow, lasting smoke. Just prior to packing, expensive Perique tobacco is added to enhance the bouquet. First appeared in 1951.
Standard Mixture: A balanced blend of Virginia and Turkish tobaccos.
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