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Djarum originally began as a hand-rolling workshop in Indonesia and is still based in the town of it's birth. Since then, Djarum has grown into a company that employs over 75,000 people around the globe. Djarum maintains a tradition of using the highest quality materials. They use only the choicest cloves, chosen at their height of freshness, the finest Java grown tobacco, said to be the most aromatic and with the highest nicotine levels in the world, and a fruit & spice sauce made from a closely guarded secret recipe.

Black Filtered Clove Cigar: Each stick of Djarum Black Filtered Clove Cigar combines aged premium cigar tobaccos with fresh clove and other flavors into a smoking experience you have come to expect yet never expected. Appear distinctively in black Homogenous Tobacco Leaf (HTL) wrapper, this new generation of filtered cigars will continuously increase the growth and popularity of Black.
Black Cherry Filtered Clove Cigars: Wrapped in a black wrapper with a dark cherry flavor accent, this new style of Djarum Black will add freshness in your cigar experience.
Black Vanilla Filtered Clove Cigars: Matched up with imported vanilla to create a fragrant and inviting cigar aroma, this new variant of Djarum Black will offer you a richer cigar experience.
Special Filtered Clove Cigars: Djarum Special Filtered Clove Cigars is made of selected imported aged premium cigar tobaccos, fresh cloves, and other flavors. Each stick is wrapped in brown Homogenous Tobacco Leaf (HTL) wrapper for a richly flavored and refreshing cigar experience.
Mild Filtered Clove Cigars: Wrapped in brown wrapper, each Djarum Mild Filtered Clove Cigar combines premium imported mild cigar tobaccos, fresh cloves, and other flavors into a smooth smoking experience.
Splash Filtered Clove Cigars: Djarum Splash Filtered Clove Cigars combine premium cigar tobaccos with extra fine natural cloves. Each stick delivers distinctive aroma and easy-going taste you want to relax with.
Bali Hai Filtered Clove Cigars: Djarum Bali Hai Filtered Clove Cigars match a selected blend of imported cigar tobaccos with fine cloves and Indonesian spices. Wrapped in brown wrapper, it will give you a richly flavored and more refreshing cigar experience.
Black Menthol Filtered Clove Cigars: Djarum Black Filtered Cigars match the timeless tasting pleasure of imported cigar tobacco, clove and spice with menthol. Rich in taste and refreshing.
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