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Comoy's of London full line of products caters to the connoisseurs of the pipe world. The pipes are made in St Claude, France by the Chacom factory, a 6th Generation Family Company.

Cask No. 1 Double English: The quintessential English blend. Loaded with Latakia which combines brilliantly with Virginias and Oriental for that distinctively British experience.
Cask No. 11 British Strength: Exquisite Orientals combined with bright Virginias and rich Latakias for a traditional Balkan style blend. A mellow but satisfying smoke featuring delicate flavors and a soft room note.
Cask No. 2 Portwood: A superior blend of Virginias, Burleys and mild Black Cavendish flavored with a unique combination of chocolate and vanilla with a hint of port for a delightful smoking experience.
Cask No. 4 Stand Fast Navy: A traditional Navy Flake made with mature Virginias and spiced with Louisiana Perique. A non-aromatic smoke for tobacco lovers, take 2-3 pieces and rub gently by hand, then fill your pipe to enjoy.
Cask No. 5 Bullet Rye Select: An elegant blend of bright orange Virginias with rich, cool-smoking Burley's, flavored with Tennessee Bourbon for a smooth satisfying taste and a room pleasing smoke.
Cask No. 7 Single Coin Slice: A blend if ripe Virginia tobaccos spiced with pure Perique. The center of Black Cavendish smooths out the taste in this slightly aromatic blend.
Cask No. 9 Spiced Virginia: A mellow blend of bright Virginias from 3 continents with a hint of Burley. Flavorings of nougat, vanilla and chocolate create a natural sweet blend with a delicious taste and aroma.
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