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Borkum Riff

Borkum Riff has been one of the best-selling lines of pipe tobacco available in the United States for well over 30 years. Originally launched in Sweden, Borkum Riff Pipe Tobacco is now sold all across the globe. Borkum Riff today is manufactured in Denmark for Swedish Match, part of the Scandinavian Tobacco Group family.

Black Cavendish: An intensely aromatic mix of dark Kentucky and Burley tobacco with a touch of choice bright Virginia leaves. The blend is heavily fermented in wooden casks to give a full-flavoured, elegant mellow smoke and a rich but smooth taste, enhanced with hint of delicious aromatic truffle, sweet nougat and woodland nuts.
Borkum Riff Original: Borkum Riff Original Pipe Tobacco consists of 60% Black Cavendish from the Phillipines and Africa mixed with 40% Virginia from Brazil, India and Africa. Flavor has hints of Chocolate and fruity notes.
Bourbon Whiskey: This Bourbon Whiskey recipe consists of 35% Black Cavendish from Africa, Europe and the Phillipines mixed with 65% Virginia from Brazil and Africa. As a final treat, genuine Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey is added.
Honey & Orange: Loose cut tobacco containing Black Cavendish from Africa, India and Europe mixed with Virginia from Argentina and Africa. This blend is a sweet honey and fruity orange.
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