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5 stars
1 review
Fantasia4 PlayEveryone loves 4 Play! A sweet mix of fruity melon flavors sure to please!

5 stars
1 review
FantasiaRainbow BurstSweet Sugary Candy like Skittles or Fruity Pebbles! Nothing is sweeter!

5 stars
1 review
StarbuzzBlue MistUltra sweet Blueberry with a slight hint of mint. By far one of our most popular flavors!

5 stars
1 review
Social SmokeWhite Gummy BearThe sweet and tangy pineapple twist of white gummy bears.

5 stars
1 review
Social SmokeWatermelon ChillA juicy blend of Watermelon with deep hints of refreshing mint.

4 stars
no reviews
FantasiaIncredibleHypnotic swirled with Hennessey make this mixed drink flavor truly an original!

3 stars
no reviews
FantasiaFirecrackerCherry, Blueberry & Lemon-Ice in a frozen bomb pop popsicle explosion of flavor!

2.7 stars
no reviews
FantasiaPurple HazeSweet royal purple grape makes for a great smooth smoke every time!

2.5 stars
no reviews
FantasiaAce of SpadesThe sweet decadence of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream!

2.5 stars
no reviews
FantasiaSurferSmooth Pineapple and Coconut Rum flavors make this shot of flavor a favorite!

2 stars
no reviews
Social SmokeMobsterA lightning bolt of exotic guarana beans mixed with fresh citrus, raspberry, and pineapple. Similar to the similarly named energy drink.

1.8 stars
no reviews
Social SmokeBaja BlueA thrilling wave of blueberry, raspberry, and grape, finished off with a splash of decadent milk chocolate

1.8 stars
no reviews
Social SmokeSex PantherAn extraordinary cocktail of delicious peach, tangy cranberry, and sweet orange (not made with bits of real panther)

1.8 stars
no reviews
Social SmokeTiger's BloodThis sensual mix of ripe blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and cherries is sure to awaken your wild side

1.8 stars
no reviews
FantasiaBlack MartiniSweet Blackberry makes this flavor hard to resist!

1.8 stars
no reviews
FantasiaCuban MojitoThe Sweet Lime & Crushed Mint refreshes & relaxes!

1.8 stars
no reviews
StarbuzzCode 69One of the best mixed fruit flavors available! Tropical fruit punch flavors mixed with a tart citrus.

1.8 stars
no reviews
StarbuzzPirate's CaveSuper Sweet Citrus Lemon-Lime Explosion!

1.8 stars
no reviews
Social SmokePomegranateTart pomegranates bring an irresistible taste of the Mediterranean to the mix.

1.2 stars
no reviews
FantasiaApple MartiniUniquely mixes the exotic freshness of unpeeled lime-green sour apple with the rich aroma of fully sweet ripened apples and vodka
unratedSocial SmokeWild BerryA mouthwatering blend of wild berries with hints of wild berry blooms
unratedSocial SmokeAbsolute ZeroThis icy blend of mixed mints makes a chillingly cool smoke that refreshes your senses
unratedSocial SmokeWhite RhinoA remarkably complex and enigmatic profile of floral, nutty, and earthly flavors
unratedSocial SmokeBlushA tantalizing blend of raspberries, sweet fruits, and citrus with a delicate touch of rose
unratedSocial SmokeCosmopolitan A swanky & sophisticated blend of sweet cranberries and zesty lime juice
unratedSocial SmokePotion #9Lose yourself in this tempting mix of fresh melon, tart cherries, ripe raspberries, and juicy pineapple
unratedSocial SmokeThe EdgeIndulge in this tropical fantasy of fresh pineapple, exotic passion fruit, juicy citrus, and candied cherry
unratedFantasiaRaspberry KamikazeRum, vodka raspberry liquor and lime juice create this blended masterpiece
unratedFantasiaAdiosExotic Curacao Fruit & Citrus make this tantalizing blend hard to forget!
unratedFantasiaCactus BreezeOrange & Pineapple combine in a citrus splash of fruit goodness.
unratedFantasiaJokerPsychedelic Mixed Fruit!
unratedFantasiaLuckyKiwi & Lime combine for a unique tropical treat!
unratedFantasiaMai TaiHawaiian Pineapple with a Cherry twist sweetens any evening! Cheers!
unratedFantasiaRed VelvetRich Red Velvet Chocolate and Cream Cake make this exquisite flavor a must have!
unratedFantasiaThe Million Dollar FlavorCreated using a secret special extract imported from Europe! Tastes different to everyone who tries it!
unratedFantasiaTriple XPineapple, Orange & Cranberry combine in this sexy beach side flavor!
unratedSocial SmokeVoltageA delightful blend of watermelon and lemon with a hint of Amaretto's sweet almond flavoring
unratedStarbuzzCitrus MistCitrus flavors with a refreshing, tingly menthol aftertaste. Sweet and satisfying!
unratedStarbuzzApricotSweet Apricot
unratedStarbuzzCoco JumboSweet and Refreshing Coconut & Lime.
unratedStarbuzzFuzzy NavelSweet tropical peach
unratedStarbuzzMangoSuperb Mango Shisha.
unratedStarbuzzMelon BlueAn exotic blend of popular Starbuzz flavors, Melon Blue combines the deliciousness of Blue Mist, a touch of white grape, and Safari Melon Dew.
unratedStarbuzzPinkDelicate light raspberry flavor. Possibly a hint of lemon.
unratedStarbuzzPomberryDelightful Pomegranate and Berry!
unratedStarbuzzRoyal GrapeSuper Strong Grape with earthy undertones.
unratedStarbuzzSafari Melon DewSuper Sweet Honey Dew Melon
unratedStarbuzzSex On The BeachSimilar to the drink it's named for, lemon and orange combined!
unratedStarbuzzStrawberry MargaritaAs sweet and delightful as the namesake drink! Sweet Strawberry & lime!
unratedStarbuzzTangerine DreamOrange Creamsicle? Sweet & creamy!
unratedStarbuzzWildberry MintSweet Berries combined with superb mint flavors.
unratedStarbuzzWild MintLight and smooth, subtle mint flavor.
unratedSocial SmokeBerry PunchA powerful mix of ripe berries with a fruity finish.
unratedSocial SmokeStrawberry KiwiA light and refreshing combination of strawberry and kiwi.
unratedSocial SmokePassion FruitSucculent passion fruit ripened to perfection in the vines of South America.
unratedSocial SmokeGuavaThe intense taste of refreshing, sweet, tropical guava.
unratedSocial SmokeTropical FruitSoak up the island sun with this mix of creamy coconut and ripe pineapple infused with a fun mix of tropical fruits.
unratedSocial SmokePandora's BoxA fusion of ripe, red cherries and bittersweet cinnamon make this a spicy delight
unratedSocial SmokeArctic LemonA fresh blend of natural crisp lemon zest and ice cold mint for an exhilarating experience for the senses.
unratedSocial SmokeBanana FosterThe New Orleans classic: an indulgence topped with vanilla ice cream.
unratedSocial SmokeBlue RaspberryA distinct combination of sweet ripe raspberries and tart raspberries with a hint of blue.
unratedSocial SmokeBlushA tantalizing blend of raspberries, sweet fruits, and citrus with a delicate touch of rose.
unratedSocial SmokeCherryClassic candied Cherries.
unratedSocial SmokeCitrus ChillAn energetic zesty kick with and a tranquil cool finish.
unratedSocial SmokeCoconutRich, milky coconut with a creamy full-bodied flavor.
unratedFantasiaWild Mango"The Taste of the Tropics"
Succulent ripened Hawaiian Mango.
unratedFantasiaDirty BlondeBanana Pineapple Martini!
unratedFantasiaAuroraSweet and Succulent Pineapple.
unratedFantasiaSwag BerryA Unique Berry Mix.
unratedFantasiaPina ColadaThe favorite tropical mixed drink of pineapple and coconut.
unratedFantasiaDragon's BreathSweet Rare Asian Dragon-Fruit.
unratedFantasiaMary JaneTake a sweet hit of this Guava Infusion. Don't forget to pass.
unratedFantasiaIce MintWARNING- Extremely Minty! Great alone or as a perfect boost to your favorite flavors!
unratedFantasiaMagic DragonExquisite Berry Mint Mix.
unratedFantasiaElectric XA Wild Mix of Sweet Berries.
unratedFantasiaMenageEveryone's dreamed about it at least once, most will never get the chance. Kick back with two close friends and fire it up this Melon Citrus Twist.
unratedFantasiaStrawberry Banana SplitStrawberry Banana Split is an amazing blend of your favorite fruits and yummy ice cream with whipped cream and of course a cherry on top.
unratedFantasiaPeach Fuzzy NavelA summer fruit sensation with a mixture of fresh ripe peaches and orange juice.
unratedFantasiaRed MelonThe bursting flavor of Red Melon. Sweet, juicy and no seeds with this delicious watermelon flavor.
unratedFantasiaMaybach MelonUnique Sweet Melon.
unratedFantasiaPink LemonadeThe sweet refreshment of Pink Lemonade.
unratedStarbuzzStrawberrySweet strawberry sweetness!
unratedStarbuzzSour AppleSweet and Sour Apple without the hint of licorice usually included in apple flavors.
unratedStarbuzzFlower PowerA strong, popular flavor that takes the smooth flower flavors of Starbuzz and turns them into a fruity smooth flavor that is a deep, enriched, and pleasantly smooth smoke.
unratedStarbuzzWhite PeachSavor the white peach richness. A delightful summer Hookah flavor.
unratedSocial SmokeSimply AppleThe sweet taste of biting into a fresh apple!
unratedSocial SmokeMelon RushNaturally sweet and crisp Honeydew Melon mixed with assorted berries to create this refreshing blend.
unratedSocial SmokeMintAbsolute Zero’s feisty and fresh younger sibling. An intense blend of Natural Peppermint!
unratedSocial SmokeFrench VanillaAn elegant blend of pure vanilla and exotic spices.
unratedSocial SmokeCinnamon RollGet lost in this decadent dessert of freshly baked warm cinnamon rolls, topped off with the rich taste of frosting.
unratedSocial SmokeCali PeachSweet as summertime, smooth peach flavor packed full of sunshine and relaxing good times with each and every savory taste.
unratedSocial SmokeMango HabaneroThe tropics heat up where spicy habanero peppers envelope the flavor of fresh juicy mango. This is the only shisha to carry a warning label due to this flavor containing real Habanero extract! Spicy and Sweet!
unratedSocial SmokeLemon Drop Reminisce on life's simplicity with this citrus filled delight engulfing the senses with the wonderful taste of sweet lemon drops.
unratedSocial SmokeKiwiEmerald green kiwi with zesty but smooth undertones.
unratedSocial SmokeTwistedA twisted combination of sweet mangoes, juicy strawberries, tingling raspberries, and fresh blueberries.
unratedAl FakherMangoDiscover the intense fruity sweetness of pure mango. A blissfully full-flavoured smoking moment.
unratedAl FakherPlumA sweet and slightly sour option. With its many layers, Al Fakher's plum molasses is a popular choice.
unratedAl FakherCocktailThe versatility of Pineapple, the freshness of Orange, the wholesomeness of Banana...
unratedAl FakherAppleClassic apple offers a concentrated taste like no other for a smooth smoking experience.
unratedAl FakherTwo ApplesThe crispness of red apple complemented by the sourness of green to create this signature flavor.
unratedAl FakherStrawberryCapturing the generous fruity sweetness of freshly picked strawberries. Close your eyes and imagine summer.
unratedAl FakherGum (Spearmint)Refreshing and icy with just a hint of spearmint. Cold smoke for a long lasting taste.
unratedAl FakherMelonDistinctively sweet with a tangy twist.
unratedAl FakherBerryThis fruit fusion is combined with a hint of floral aromas to create a perfectly joyful experience.
unratedAl FakherGuavaAl Fakher Guava delivers a sweet and delicate taste with a sour twist. A taste that needs to be tried to be understood.
unratedAl FakherMintAl Fakher's mint is breathtakingly icy and refreshing.
unratedAl FakherWatermelonA refreshing and beautifully fruity taste! Perfect for smoking on hot sunny days.
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