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5 stars
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Sutliff Tobacco CompanyMolto DolceA rich and creamy texture of vanilla, caramel, and honey applied to Burley, Virginia, and Black Cavendish tobaccos.

5 stars
1 review
DunhillNightcapA rich blend of Virginias and Latakia for late in the day. A slow, lasting smoke. Just prior to packing, expensive Perique tobacco is added to enhance the bouquet. First appeared in 1951.

5 stars
2 reviews
CultBlood Red MoonThis dark, decadent blend combines fire-cured Cavendish, bright Virginias and Burleys with the delicious aromas of natural Royal Ann cherry and dark chocolate. Sweet, extremely rich and unquestionably smooth!

3 stars
1 review
Cornell and DiehlPirate KakeA smooth, robust blend with LOTS (75%!) of exceptional Latakia accompanied by Turkish and Burley.

3 stars
2 reviews
SavinelliGiubileo d'OroThis opulent blend uses only the zestiest Virginias sourced from the US and Brazil, then mixed with creamy Cyprian Latakia, and cold pressed for a simple but exquisite all day English mixture.

3 stars
1 review
Mac Baren7 Seas Royal BlendThe 7 Seas tobaccos are predominately made out of Virginia tobaccos, creating a more clear and crisp taste without any unpleasant aftertaste.
Enjoy a beautiful color match of Golden Virginias, light brown Burleys and just a touch of Black Cavendish.
It's easy to fill into your pipe and upon lighting up you will be met by a gentle sweetness, a base of Vanilla and notes of mild and sweet Honey along with a faint Fruit overtone.

3 stars
1 review
Butera Pipe CompanyPelicanPelican is the perfect Mixture, combining exact portions of the finest, most rare Cyprian Latakia, the spiciest, most zesty Turkish and Orientals, and the richest, most sweet sun grown Virginia whole leaf available today. Aged in cakes then fine cut to ribbon form. Pelican delivers multiple dimensions of sweet, mellow tastes, with a variety of contradicting rich and spicy room aromas.

2.5 stars
2 reviews
CAOEileen's DreamIrish Creme and white chocolate truffles flavor this excellent aromatic!

1.5 stars
2 reviews
ErinmoreFlakeA fruity blend of Virginia and Burley tobaccos. The leaf tobaccos for Erinmore are selected from only premium tobacco growing regions of the world. The blend consists of mature Virginia, mellow Burley and sweet dark air cured tobaccos.

1 star
no reviews
Captain BlackOriginal (White)A delightfully aromatic and mild smoke blended using air cured, Mellowed Burleys and Rich Black Cavendish tobaccos.

1 star
1 review
Sutliff Tobacco CompanySunrise SmokeThe perfect way to start a good morning. This lavish mixture of pressed Virginia Ribbon, Pressed Black Ribbon, Turkish, and Latakia is sure to awaken the taste buds.

1 star
1 review
Dan TobaccoDa VinciMade from Golden Virginia Grades and soothingly sweet Black Cavendish. Matured under addition of fullbodied Red Chianti Wines from the growing area known as Colli Senesi. A real pleasure for all spoilt smokers and tobacco connoisseurs. Enjoy it's sweet and gentle smoke with fragrant bouquet and full aroma.
unratedLane Limited1-QA Golden Cavendish blend with a hint of fire-cured tobaccos. Hints of vanilla, aromatic.
unratedCaptain BlackRoyal (Blue)A light blend of carefully selected, air cured Black and Golden Cavendish tobacco. Ribbon cut, exceptionally mild and very aromatic.
unratedCaptain BlackGoldCrafted form matured Golden Cavendish tobacco. Exceptionally mild and aromatic with a possible hint of vanilla.
unratedTobacco GalleriaAlmondineThe intriguing taste of Almond Liquor captured in a mild and mellow blend.
unratedTobacco GalleriaBlue NoteA blend of Burley, Virginia and world famous Green River Black Cavendish that has been expertly blended for the utmost in taste.
unratedTobacco GalleriaClassic VanillaMade with only the choicest Burleys, Golden Cavendishes, and Virginia Tobaccos available. Has a captivating aroma and taste.
unratedTobacco GalleriaFox & HoundA traditional mix of Red Virginia, Turkish, Burley, Latakia, and Perique. Of medium strength and guaranteed to please.
unratedTobacco GalleriaRum & MapleAn expertly blended classic, mixing Bright Virginias and rich Burleys with the contrasting flavors of rum and maple for an interesting and pleasant smoke.
unratedTobacco GalleriaIrish CremeBright tobaccos form the base of this blend combined with the delightful aromatic flavor of Irish Cream.
unratedTobacco GalleriaMidnight SmokeAll Black Cavendish consisting of 100% fire-cured tobaccos steam sweated for mildness and smoothness.
unratedTobacco GalleriaMontego BayAn expert blend of Golden Virginia and Mellow White Burley. This Cavendish style blend is topped with a subtle mixture of Buttered New England and Jamaican Rums, producing a smooth taste and a captivating aroma.
unratedTobacco GalleriaNight CapA new blend of four unique Black fire-cured grades with added highlights of Sweet Virginia and cordial liquor. A perfect smoke for the end of the day.
unratedTobacco GalleriaWild CherryToasted Black Cavendish forms the base with Bright Cavendish and Virginia added and then combined with a subtle cherry flavor for added sweetness.
unratedCaptain BlackDark (Black)Introducing Captain Black Dark! This is a 100% pure black Cavendish made from premium Green River Burley that has been steamed and richly flavored. The flavor and aroma are sweet, with vanilla and dark fruit notes. Destined to be the newest classic in the Captain Black family!
unratedSutliff Tobacco CompanyBlue DanubeThis Aromatic Golden Cavendish of Burley and Rich Virginias has depth resulting in a distinctively delicious character.
unratedSutliff Tobacco CompanyBacchanalia"A blend worthy of the Roman God of Wine," this fine Burley and Virginia blend is definitely worthy of lasting admiration.
unratedSutliff Tobacco CompanyTabac NoirExotic best describes this unique Black Cavendish. Dark, flavorful and strikingly unusual. The meticulous formulation of nine flavors ranks this complex blend as perhaps the finest of all Black Cavendish blends.
unratedSutliff Tobacco CompanyGolden AgeAn English Style pipe tobacco, Perique lovers everywhere will marvel at this distinctively flavored mixture combined with Turkish, Burley, Black Cavendish, and Virginia.
unratedDunhillLondon MixtureMedium cut matured Virginian and oriental tobaccos. Soft and mellow flavour.
Skillfully blended Latakia with Virginia and Turkish. First appeared in 1928.
Available in 1.76oz/50g tins.
unratedDunhillFlakeThis 'processed' Virginia is a cut flake of medium strength, very cool, and has a pleasant, slightly sweet flavour and aroma. Selected grades of Lemon and Bronze Virginias. One of Dunhill's most expert blends of highest quality. First appeared in 1959.
unratedDunhillDe Luxe Navy RollsDe Luxe Navy Roll is made in Denmark using hand-stripped Virginia tobaccos from Brazil and Africa, married with Perique from Louisiana. This recipe produces an aromatic smoke with natural tobacco flavors and lovely sweet notes.
unratedDunhillEarly MorningSweet Oriental and a bit of Latakia carefully blended with Bright and Red Virginias, pressed and lightly stoved. Great as the 'first pipe' will leave you aroused and eager for the day. First appeared in 1951.
unratedLane LimitedHGLA mixture of toasted Cavendish laced with Mountain Latakia, blended with White Burley and Golden Virginia to produce a sweet, fuller-bodied smoke, yet cool and slow burning. The personal blend of Herman G. Lane.
unratedBorkum RiffHoney & OrangeLoose cut tobacco containing Black Cavendish from Africa, India and Europe mixed with Virginia from Argentina and Africa. This blend is a sweet honey and fruity orange.
unratedBorkum RiffBourbon WhiskeyThis Bourbon Whiskey recipe consists of 35% Black Cavendish from Africa, Europe and the Phillipines mixed with 65% Virginia from Brazil and Africa. As a final treat, genuine Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey is added.
unratedBorkum RiffBorkum Riff OriginalBorkum Riff Original Pipe Tobacco consists of 60% Black Cavendish from the Phillipines and Africa mixed with 40% Virginia from Brazil, India and Africa. Flavor has hints of Chocolate and fruity notes.
unratedBorkum RiffBlack CavendishAn intensely aromatic mix of dark Kentucky and Burley tobacco with a touch of choice bright Virginia leaves. The blend is heavily fermented in wooden casks to give a full-flavoured, elegant mellow smoke and a rich but smooth taste, enhanced with hint of delicious aromatic truffle, sweet nougat and woodland nuts.
unratedCaptain BlackBlack Sea PremiumA distinctive marriage of mellow Burleys, sweet Virginias, softly-sweet toasted black Cavendish combined with a good amount of Latakia. This great combination results in a mild blend, with a hint of smokiness and sweetness.
unratedCornell and DiehlAutumn EveningA proprietary Red Virginia Cavendish lightly cased with a delicate maple flavor
unratedCornell and DiehlAfter Hours FlakeVirginia flake, sweetened with caramel and exotic-spiced dark rum.
unratedCornell and DiehlBriar FoxA smooth mixture of Virginias and Burley, pressed into an old fashioned crumble cake.
unratedCornell and DiehlHaunted BookshopA Burley and Virginia blend with just a touch of Perique.
unratedCornell and DiehlNight TrainBright Virginia ribbon, bright Virginia flake, Cavendish cut, Virginia grown brown Burley, and Perique pressed into an old-fashioned crumble cake. PRESSED.
unratedCornell and DiehlOpening NightA blend of Red and Bright Virginias pressed to perfection.
unratedCornell and DiehlSunday PicnicGolden Virginias combined with Perique and Izmir Turkish for a delicious and memorable flake tobacco.
unratedCornell and DiehlFirst RespondersA blend of red, bright, and stoved Virginias with a dash of Perique and toasted Cavendish. Originally named Tribute, this blend was re-released to honor and salute the heroes of 911.
unratedCaptain BlackRound Taste (lt blue)A rounded blend of carefully selected tobaccos, exceptionally mild, delightfully aromatic
unratedCaptain BlackCherry (red)Cavendish blend with a rich cherry flavor, exceptionally mild, delightfuly aromatic.
unrated4th Generation1855 Erik Peter's BlendA ready rubbed blend of exceptional mature Virginia tobaccos with characteristics of natural sweet Virginia taste and pleasant aroma.
unrated4th Generation1882 Founder's BlendThe 1882 blend achieves the perfect balance of Latakia and Oriental sun-cured tobaccos, enhanced by mature Virginias and complemented by full bodied Kentucky leaf. A classic English Smoke.
unrated4th Generation1897 Erik Paul's BlendAn exquisite blend of golden light Virginias, bronze brown Burleys and steamed Black Cavendish. Delivers sweetness in a taste derived from a base of vanilla and notes of honey.
unrated4th Generation1931 Erik Peter's BlendA perfect balance of Kentucky Burley and overripe Virginia tobaccos blended with a small measure of Black Cavendish. This navy flake is a full body smoke for the true flake pipe smokers.
unrated4th Generation1957 Erik Michael's BlendThis blend is a perfect mixture of light Virginia tobaccos. When lit up, you'll find natural sweetness in taste with room notes of soft creamy vanilla.
unrated4th Generation1982 Centennial BlendThe 1982 Centennial blend celebrates our family's 100-year anniversary in the tobacco business and I believe you will truly enjoy this mixture. The 1982 is a slow burning mixture, comprised of golden Virginias, sweet and soft mild Black Cavendish, light Burleys and blended with small plugs of navy flake to ease the burning. French Vanilla and Black Berry top dressing is added as a final step, creating an outstanding room note and a distinctive taste experience.
unratedCaptain BlackMidnight GoldRich Black Cavendish is married with an equal portion of mellow Burleys. Bold, yet smooth, this unique blend of black and gold tobaccos pleases the eye as well as the palate.
unratedCaptain BlackRed SkyBurley and toasted Cavendish form the heart of this blend. A subtle amount of cherry flavor complements without overpowering the mixture.
unratedSutliff Tobacco CompanyTaste of SummerThis delicious mixture of Burley, Virginia, and Black Cavendish is reminiscent of incredibly juicy, ripe peaches of summers past.
unratedSutliff Tobacco CompanyTaste of AutumnAutumn invokes a sense of pleasure with splendid colors, brisk clean air and abundant harvests. The Rich Spicy Flavors of autumn highlight this tasty Virginia and Burley based Aromatic.
unratedSutliff Tobacco CompanyField MasterThis luxurious English mixture has all of the essentials: Smoky Latakia, Matured Virginias, Rich Burley and Quality Turkish.
unratedSutliff Tobacco CompanyTop ShelfThis extraordinary mixture of Burley, Virginia, and Black Cavendish is unsurpassed in smoothness and richness.
unratedSutliff Tobacco CompanyGreat OutdoorsWith a great room note, this outstanding aromatic is a mixture of Burley, vanilla, and flavored Black Cavendish.
unratedSutliff Tobacco CompanySt. George's BlendEnjoy all that is good by smoking this exceptional mixture of Black Cavendish, Rich Virginia and Sweet Black Cherry.
unratedSutliff Tobacco CompanyBarbados PlantationIn terms of quality Barbados Rums unquestionably rank among the world's best. This superb blend of Burley, Virginia, and Black Cavendish reflects the rum itself: sweet, smooth, and rich.
unratedDunhillStandard MixtureA balanced blend of Virginia and Turkish tobaccos.
unratedDunhillMy Mixture 965A balanced smoking tobacco with a rich flavour.
unratedCAOMoontranceExotic fruit & bourbon vanilla comprise this excellent aromatic!
unratedSavinelliEssenza CipriotaWith a fragrance redolent of the exotic mysteries of the east, this blend of well-aged Virginias, cool burning Burleys, alluring Latakia and Macedonian leaf, forms a fascinatingly nuanced, medium bodied smoke.
unratedSavinelliDoblone d'OroThe choicest Virginias, Burleys and dark fired Kenyan leaf are enhanced with an impeccable addition of spicy Perique, then aged to perfection before being spun into enticingly beautiful, zesty coins. A delightfully vivacious and flavorful smoke.
unratedSavinelliBrunello FlakeAn impeccably structured blend featuring a foundation of sweet, tangy Virginias and cool burning Burleys, a dash of Macedonian leaf is added to round out the mixture and add a hint of the exotic. The different leafs are then aged as one, in order to marry and harmonize flavor, prior to being pressed into a tantalizing flake.
unratedMac BarenPlumcakeThis blend consists of carefully selected Virginia tobaccos in a beautiful ribbon cut, Burleys cut as a ready rubbed, some Original Cavendish and finally to top the blend off, a handful of Latakia is added.
All together the different tobaccos add a perfect taste of natural sweetness and a smokiness coming from the Original Cavendish and of course, the Latakia.
To this full-bodied blend Mac Baren has added some genuine Jamaican Rum.
unratedMac BarenSymphonyA very harmonious Ready Rubbed tobacco dominated by the selected Burley tobaccos and with a minor part of Virginia and the original Mac Baren Cavendish. In this blend the tobaccos are adjusted to bring out the slight natural sweetness and tender note of chocolate found in all excellent Burley tobaccos.
unratedMac Baren7 Seas Gold BlendThe 7 Seas tobaccos are predominately made out of Virginia tobaccos, creating a more clear and crisp taste without any unpleasant aftertaste.
This blend is bright and aromatic with Virginias and Burleys in a perfect combination.
This blend is made With a beautiful color match of Golden Virginias, light brown Burleys and just a touch of Black Cavendish. Upon lighting up you will be met by a gentle sweetness, a base of Creamy Vanilla and notes of mild and sweet Honey.
unratedMac Baren7 Seas RegularThe 7 Seas tobaccos are predominately made out of Virginia tobaccos, creating a more clear and crisp taste without any unpleasant aftertaste.
Enjoy the beautiful colour match of Golden Virginias, light brown Burleys and a large part of Black Cavendish. Upon lighting up you will be net by a gentle sweet vanilla and dark chocolate.
unratedMac Baren7 Seas Red BlendThe 7 Seas tobaccos are predominately made out of Virginia tobaccos, creating a more clear and crisp taste without any unpleasant aftertaste.
An aromatic blend of tobacco with light Brown Burleys, sweet rich Golden Virginias, and just the right amount of Black Cavendish. Experience the light richness of Wild Cherry and faint fruity overtones.
unratedCornell and DiehlMississippi MudA bold and masculine mixture of Perique, Latakia, and unsweetened black Cavendish, Mississippi Mud is a straight-forward blend. Full appreciation of it doesn't require analysis, just time to enjoy a rich and flavorful smoke.
unratedCornell and DiehlMorning Drive TimeStart your morning out right with a bowl of Morning Drive. It's the perfect blend to get you where you're going, and get you there with a smile on your face. The mixture of red and bright Virginias comes together in perfect harmony with just the right measure of Burley, Turkish, Perique, and Latakia. Savor the start.
unratedCornell and DiehlOld Joe KrantzDark and cube cut Burley with red Virginia ribbon and Perique create a smooth, all day smoke. It's named in honor of the man who taught Bob to smoke a pipe: his grandfather.
unratedCornell and DiehlGolden Days of YoreHave yourself a merry little Christmas, Give your pipe a light. From now on your troubles Will be out of sight.
Virginias from the olden days Make our Golden Days of Yore: A fragrant blend with black Cavendish Kentucky, Katerini, and more.
Through the years they'll all marry together If restraint allows. Hang a shining tin upon the highest bow, Or have yourself a merry little Christmas now.
Cornell & Diehl's Golden Days of Yore is a festive mix of golden Virginias, black Cavendish, Kentucky, and Katarini, married together into a blend that will bring the spirit of Christmas to even the hardest of hearts.
unratedCornell and DiehlStar of the EastStarting with a base of 50% Latakia, with a generous portion of Turkish leaf and sweetened with stoved Red Virginia, this is a full bodied blend, as well as a long time favorite of our customers.
unratedLane LimitedCrown AchievementReviving a long lost recipe, Lane Limited went to extraordinary lengths to create a blend true to the original. The result is a blend that is faithful to its roots, down to the leather-like label. The tobacco is fragrant, utilizing very rare Orientals to support and enliven the Latakia, and choice Virginias are used to give it balance. Finally, some premium Perique is added for depth, spice and a bit of sweetness.
unratedStanwellMelangeA modern approach to a traditional mixture. Black Cavendish, toasted Burley, Orientals and bright Virginias gently mixed with apricot and natural sweetness. Soft and mellow with a pleasing aroma and a delicate taste.
unratedMiddleton Pipe TonbaccoPrince AlbertMild, no bite and slow burning.
unratedErik NordingRetrieverClean smoking, lightly sweet and mellow to the taste, with a wonderful aroma, this blend of premium Virginias and Cavendishes is a classic.
unratedErik NordingLabradorA classic blend of smoooth, fragrant Black Cavendish, mellow Burley and sweet Virginia enhanced with a light caramel hazelnut note. Rich & satisfying.
unratedMac BarenThree Nuns"None nicer." Known for being the blend of choice for J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.
unratedRattray'sHal O' The WyndThis Rattray's mixture contains strong, sharp aged red Virginias.
unratedRattray'sOld GowrieA broken flake that embodies the classic English style in a unique way. Its intensity is due to the combination of dark Virginias, fired Kentucky and a hint of Perique. Three months of aging under high pressure gives this mixture an extra edge. It is then cut and hand rubbed, making this blend an absolute delicacy.
unratedRattray'sBuckinghamA mixture of Black Cavendish, bright and dark Virginias and fragrant Burley. Enjoying this blend you will experience the true promise of hickory nut and Bourbon vanilla hitting the scent of cinnamon.
unratedMac BarenRAW ClassicThis is a Virginia style blend made of naturally high sugar tobaccos from Virginia and North Carolina with a touch of Brazilian tobacco leaves from Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina for added taste. The leaves are hand selected for the best smoking qualities and the stems are carefully removed by hand. Finally the tobacco is naturally barn cured using a centuries old process. The length and thickness of the cut is adjusted with each batch to achieve the perfect taste and burn. RAW has a max. 15% moisture for the ultimate smoke, feel and consistency.
Enjoy your favorite smoke in its purest RAWthentic form.
RAW and Ready to Roll!
unratedCAOCherrybombVanilla + Cherry & Black Cavendish.
unratedSuper ValueCherry CavendishIt has the actual taste of Cherry. A pungent Cherry aroma is present, yet it is mild to smoke. The fantastic room note of this blend is sure to garner compliments.
unratedSuper ValueNatural CavendishThis is an incredibly good blending tobacco. Good for toning down an overly sweet Aromatic or for doctoring English blends.
unratedSuper ValueVanillaThis blend burns easily and leaves a nice lingering room note.
unratedSuper ValueBlack & GoldThis blend features a nice mix of light and dark tobaccos. It is mild and satisfying.
unratedSuper ValueWhiskey CavendishThis superb blend burns well with a delicious taste and smell. It is sure to garner favorable compliments.
unratedSuper ValueBlack CavendishTop notch pouch aroma results in pleasant taste. Nice change of pace.
unratedDan TobaccoBlue NoteA fresh and gentle blend for a most satisfying pipeful of happiness.
unratedCultAbacusThis tobacco has so many nuances you may not be able to count them all. The blend of Burleys, Virginias and black Cavendish features smooth and sweet notes of vanilla, roasted nuts and cocoa, in a gentle-smoking mixture.
unratedCultConspiracyA sweet and smoky aromatic blend of Virginias, black Cavendish, Burley and a hint of something else.
unratedCAOBella VanillaPure Madagascar Vanilla
unratedG.L.PeaseTriple PlayRipe red and bright flue-cured tobaccos are joined by piquant Acadian Perique and a balanced measure of smoky dark-fired Kentucky. The leaf is pressed and matured in cakes before being cut into 2oz bars.
unratedG.L.PeaseVirginia CreamFine red and golden flue-cured Virginia tobaccos with rare condimental leaf, enhancing the result with a subtle vanilla/bourbon topping.
unratedCornell and DiehlMountain CampReversing the proportions of Latakia and Perique found in Bayou Night has created a full English in the Scottish vein.
unratedCornell and DiehlPurple CowA classic blend from Bob Runowski. Contains Burley, bright Virginia ribbon, Latakia and Maduro cigar leaf.
unratedCornell and DiehlBlack Gold MapleBlack Cavendish and golden Virginiacombined with natural maple flavor make this the perfect Fall smoke.. or any other time for that matter..
unratedCaptain BlackCopperA balanced mix of Black Cavendish and mellowed Burleys with a touch of Bright Virginia.
unratedDrew EstateCentral Park StrollThis flavor recalls Central Park on a lazy summer afternoon. The sweet aroma makes you feel like your standing outside a bakery; notes of chocolate, vanilla and caramel blend harmoniously with mellow tobaccos.
unratedDrew EstateMeat PieDaring to be just a little different, this tobacco offers a Pungent, Smoky, Medium bodied smoke that is the epitome of the word Classic.
unratedDrew Estate7th Avenue BlondeThe super pleasing aromas are captivating, but the exotic blend of tobaccos is what has you coming back for more and more.
unratedComoy'sCask No. 2 PortwoodA superior blend of Virginias, Burleys and mild Black Cavendish flavored with a unique combination of chocolate and vanilla with a hint of port for a delightful smoking experience.
unratedComoy'sCask No. 11 British StrengthExquisite Orientals combined with bright Virginias and rich Latakias for a traditional Balkan style blend. A mellow but satisfying smoke featuring delicate flavors and a soft room note.
unratedComoy'sCask No. 5 Bullet Rye SelectAn elegant blend of bright orange Virginias with rich, cool-smoking Burley's, flavored with Tennessee Bourbon for a smooth satisfying taste and a room pleasing smoke.
unratedComoy'sCask No. 4 Stand Fast NavyA traditional Navy Flake made with mature Virginias and spiced with Louisiana Perique. A non-aromatic smoke for tobacco lovers, take 2-3 pieces and rub gently by hand, then fill your pipe to enjoy.
unratedComoy'sCask No. 9 Spiced VirginiaA mellow blend of bright Virginias from 3 continents with a hint of Burley. Flavorings of nougat, vanilla and chocolate create a natural sweet blend with a delicious taste and aroma.
unratedComoy'sCask No. 7 Single Coin SliceA blend if ripe Virginia tobaccos spiced with pure Perique. The center of Black Cavendish smooths out the taste in this slightly aromatic blend.
unratedComoy'sCask No. 1 Double EnglishThe quintessential English blend. Loaded with Latakia which combines brilliantly with Virginias and Oriental for that distinctively British experience.
unratedLane LimitedCohibaA gently aromatic blend of Burley and Virginia makes up this Cohiba Pipe Tobacco. This remarkably mellow blend stays lit easily and delivers an aroma that everyone loves.
unratedLane LimitedMacanudoMacanudo Pipe Tobacco delivers, much like its cigar counterpart, a pleasant and mellow smoke. Carefully selected premium Virginias and Cavendishes creates the tobacco base while a subtle hint of Vanilla rounds off this blend to provide a sweet aroma and a great smoking experience.
unratedLane LimitedLa Gloria CubanaLa Gloria Cubana Pipe Tobacco is a very exquisite and complex English blend. The Latakia that dominates this blend is joined by Orientals and Perique to convey a smoke that will take your palate through a whirlwind of inputs.
unratedDan TobaccoDevil's HolidayThis dark black smoking mixture is full of aromatic mysteries. Smooth and creamy Black Cavendish with a few tips of fluffy Golden Virginia, topped with a most refined flavour composition of tasty wild forest berries. Slow burning with pleasingly cool and gentle smoke full of fresh aroma and wonderful scent. Hellishly mild and heavenly delicious.
unratedSamuel GawithSquadron LeaderBright and Dark Virginias blended together with Latakia and Turkish leaf to make this a cool medium bodied smoke.
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