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First realized as a pipe-making material during the 18th century, meerschaum is a soft, light-weight mineral primarily mined and hand-carved in Turkey. White or cream colored, meerschaum is sometimes found floating on the Black Sea. The word "meerschaum" literally means "sea foam" in German.

Republic of TurkeyThe nodules of raw mineral are mined by hand in a tradition unchanged and dating back hundreds of years.
Meerschaum is predominantly found in the Eskişehir province of Turkey. To protect the local pipe crafting industry, the mined meerschaum nodules are not allowed to be exported out of the country.

The mineral does not burn, making it highly valuable as a pipe material. Soft and easily worked, meerschaum can be intricately and beautifully carved making meerschaum pipes a treasured part of every pipe collection.
Meerschaum pipes are the original "color changing" pipes. Due to the mineral's porous nature, meerschaum pipes will gradually change from a white or cream color to a deep cherry red or golden brown.

Quality meerschaum pipes are carved from single rocks of mined meerschaum. After careful examination, raw pieces are graded and hand-selected according to their quality, size, color, grain and density.

Each pipe is then hand carved by artists specific to the nature and grain of each solid block. The amazing detail and intricacy possible allows for a wide range of expression, with pipes often being carved into fantastic creatures and animals, sculptures and characters. This makes every piece absolutely unique.
Finally, the completed pieces have excess moisture removed, are polished to perfection, dipped in protective beeswax, fitted with a custom stem and carrying case and finally ready for use!
Less expensive, inferior pipes are made from the pressed together dust and shavings left over from the carving.

Hand-carved Meerschaum Indian Chief Pipe
Use & Care of Meerschaum

Because of the porous nature of meerschaum, the pipe itself acts as a filter absorbing nicotine and tar. This creates an unusually smooth smoking experience in addition to eventually causing the coloration of the pipes. With a minimial amount of care, meerschaum pipes can last a lifetime and will never burn through as some other pipes may.

Handling: Meerschaum pipes are dipped into beeswax to protect and help with the coloration. Excessive handling while warm can eventually cause some of the wax to rub off.

Lighting: Use a regular flame lighter, match or hemp-wick, NOT a butane torch as that these may overheat the bowl, cause cracking and ruin a pipe!

Smoking: Because of it's absorbing qualities, meerschaum pipes do not have to be wiped or dried between uses.

Finish: Do NOT tap meerschaum on hard surfaces!! After the pipe has cooled, use a paper towel or wipe to clear out any remaining residue within the bowl. Do not allow cake to form in a meerschaum pipe as this will interfere with the taste and absorbing qualities. To remove the stem, always turn only in a clock-wise direction. Gently use pipe cleaners to clear the shaft. Do not use alcohol or pipe sweeteners. They are not necessary for meerschaum pipes and may discolor and damage them. Be sure to store your quality meerschaum pipe safely.

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