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American Hand Blown Color Changing Glass!

My Tobacconist Smoke Shop sells only the finest American Hand Blown Glass by the finest American Glass Blowers!
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Why Glass?

Most materials emit particles when heated, adding their characteristic flavor to your smoke. When you can taste the metal or wood, understand that this is because you are inhaling those particles. If you can taste it, you're inhaling it.
Quality glass hand pipes are made from borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is a type of glass made with silica and boron oxide. Borosilicate glass is resistant to thermal shock which means it will not crack when high or low temperatures are applied to the material. A pipe made with borosilicate glass can come directly out of the freezer and have heat applied to it immediately without breaking or cracking. Borosilicate glass is commonly referred to as Pyrex. This is also the same kind of glass many cooking dishes are made with. We use this kind of glass because it is unaffected by the heat and does not emit any particles for us to inhale.
Another advantage of using glass over other materials is not having to use pipe screens anymore. Pipe screens are slowly burned away and inhaled. These superheated brass particles can be very irritating to your throat and lungs. The metallic taste from the metal screen will also contaminate the taste of your tobacco! Glass allows you to never have to use a metal screen again!!

Glass blowing as we are familiar with it today, was first developed in the first century B.C.E. possibly by the Phonecians. It has developed over the centuries into an artform of great sophistication and endless variety in style.
Handcrafted glass pieces can be viewed as status symbols. They are unique works of art and can vary greatly in complexity and intricacy; they are unique to their owner.
Glass pipes are "color changing." These pipes are fumed with silver and/or gold causing the pipes to actually change colors over time as ash and tar collect and build up on the inside of the pipe. This allows the colors that were already present within the glass to show up against the opaque, dark background often resulting in brilliant multi-hued patterns that were invisible before.
When you clean the pipe (preferably with formula 420 glass cleaner), the pipe should return to the way it looked when you first purchased it allowing you to begin the color changing process anew.

Our Great Selection and Expert Tobacconist Staff will help you find your PERFECT new piece every time! Each one is a unique and functional work of art. Expand your collection today! My Tobacconist Smoke Shop proudly offers only the finest, quality AMERICAN hand blown glass from some of the premier glass blowers in the industry including Chameleon Glass, GlasseX, Medicali, Silika Glass, Helix, Grav Labs, ROOR, Stax and MAV Glass.

We have bubblers, hand pipes, water pipes, single, double & triple percolators, ash catchers, ice catchers, steam rollers, glass on glass, inside-out, glass screens, glass bats, replacement slides & downstems of all sizes, glass critter pipes, storage jars & much, much more!

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