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My Tobacconist carries Quality Briar Wood Pipes from many of the World's Finest Pipe Crafters including BigBen, Brindisi, Butz Choquin, Savinelli, Rattray's, Brigham, Comoy's, Stanwell & many more!.

The burl of the tree-heath (Erica arborea) called in French "bruyére", acccording to tradition, was first used as a pipe material in the early 1800s. The briar plant is found primarily around the Mediterranean and those plants best suited for pipe making are often found in dry, rocky, acidic soils because of their finer grain. A briar wood burl is a knobby growth at the base of the plant joining the root to the trunk of the tree. These growths are where the plant stores water against the harsh climate and are naturally highly resistant to fire and have a great inherent ability to absorb moisture making them a perfect material for pipes.

Jura region of FranceSainte-Claude, a town in the Jura region of France is considered by many to be the birthplace of the modern briar wood pipe making industry.

Around 1840, briar wood was introduced as a pipe making material to the artisans of Saint-Claude, a remote town in the Jura region of France already famed for its wood carving industry. Prior to this time, most tobacco pipes were made of fragile clay or expensive meerschaum. Briar wood with it's beautiful graining and light weight, quickly became a more affordable, more durable and fashionable alternative, rapidly becoming the dominant pipe crafting material.

There are many differing grades of quality briar wood pipes. Ebauchon is taken from the heart of the burl while the more valued plateaux is taken from the outer part of the burl, highly prized for it's superior graining. Most briar wood pipes are machine carved, but the finest briar wood pipes still require carving by a skilled artist who can make the best use of the unique graining found in each piece of briar wood.

Interested in meeting fellow pipe smokers? Join the Miami Pipe Club! We gather on the 1st Monday of each month, meetings begin around 7PM here at the shop. We are a very informal group of pipe smokers who relish the opportunity to try out new pipe tobaccos and discuss the finer points of the art of pipe smoking with fellow pipe smokers. We welcome pipe smokers of all levels of experience, from long time smokers to those who are new to the art. Each month we supply a couple of different pipe tobaccos for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to bring your own pipe(s)!
During the meetings, all briar wood pipes are 15% off and the featured pipe tobaccos are available at a discount as well. No RSVP necessary. Meetings are free to attend. Must be 18 or older to participate.

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