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9869 E. Fern Street
Miami, FL 33157
Our next meeting is
Monday, January 7th @ 7PM1546905600

Miami Pipe Club

Our pipe club is an informal meeting of like minded pipe tobacco enthusiasts. We welcome pipe smokers of all levels of experience including those smokers who are new to the art.

Our club features pipe smokers, pipe makers and retailers willing and excited to share their knowledge. Share what you know, learn something new and maybe even bring something new to the meeting. There are no questions we won't at least try to answer, or new information we don't want to discuss, so come one, come all!

Each meeting we spotlight certain pipe tobaccos and everyone is given the opportunity to sample those featured tobaccos. Please bring your own pipe. During our gathering, we discuss the infinite varieties of pipes and pipe tobacco, sharing our thoughts and opinions with others and learning much from each other at every meeting. This is the best time and place to ask any questions you may have regarding pipes and pipe tobacco and better yet, possibly even receive an answer!

During the event, all Briar Wood pipes are 15% off and the featured tobaccos are available at a discounted price.
You must be atleast 18 to participate and we always welcome new members.

Pipe Club with Erik Stokkebye 10-19-2015
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